Chapter 1. IRIS SNA Menu Programs

There are two types of screens in the IRIS SNA menu programs: Menu Selection and Form Filling. Both consist of three sections from top to bottom:

A Menu Selection screen is a screen that allows you to select which action should be taken. (The Network Operations Menu of the Network Operations program, as shown in Figure 1-1, is an example). Enter one of the menu options or action identifier (usually from “a” to “z”) and press the <enter> key to execute the selected action. After the execution, you may be left in the same screen or a different screen will be presented.

Figure 1-1. A Menu Selection Screen

A Form Filling screen is a screen that allows you to edit the values of the fields of a form. (The Confirmation screen, as shown in Figure 1-2, is an example). Enter menu options or field identifiers (usually from “a” to “z”) to move the cursor to the selected field of the form in the Menu/Form section and edit the value of the field. Press the <enter> key to move the cursor back to the Action Selection section for further selection. After the values of all fields have been edited to your satisfaction, press the <enter> key again to execute the form. If you enter an x instead, the changes to the form are cancelled.

Figure 1-2. A Form Filling Screen