IRIX NetWorker Administrator's Guide

Document Number: 007-1458-060

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Table of Contents

About This Guide
Intended Audience
Book Organization
Documentation and Support
Definition of Terms
NetWorker Product Family

1. Using NetWorker Windows and Menus
Starting the NetWorker Programs
Using NetWorker Menus
Generic Buttons

2. Configuring and Monitoring Clients
Configuring NetWorker Clients
Securing the NetWorker Environment
Manually Managing the Online Indexes

3. Configuring and Monitoring the Server
Configuring the NetWorker Server
Changing the NetWorker Server
Monitoring and Controlling Backups
Archive Request Control
Registering NetWorker

4. Managing Media and Backup Devices
Labeling and Mounting Backup Volumes
Mounting and Unmounting Backup Volumes
Automatically Managing Backup Volumes
Manually Managing Backup Volumes
Cloning Backup Volumes
Using Volume Pools
Adding and Deleting Backup Devices

5. Recovering and Cloning Save Sets
Recovering Save Sets
Cloning Save Sets

6. Customizing NetWorker Backups
Setting Up Backup Schedules
Creating Index Policies
Using Directives
Using Label Templates
Configuring Backup Groups
Setting Up Event Notification

7. Autochanger Software Module
Configuring Jukeboxes
Operating Jukeboxes
Suggestions for Operating Jukeboxes

8. Archive Application
Navigating the Windows
Archive Example
Archiving Shortcut
Understanding the Archive Feature

A. Recovering From a Disk Crash
Preparing for a Crash
Using Save Set Recover or Recover
Recovering a Secondary Disk
Recovering a Primary Disk
Recovering /nsr on a NetWorker Server
Recovering to a New Server
Disaster Recovery With Jukeboxes

B. Managing the NetWorker Environment
Guidelines for Choosing a Configuration
Measuring Performance
NetWorker Backup Schedules
NetWorker Browse and Retention Policies
Preconfigured Selections

C. Troubleshooting
Checking the NetWorker Daemons
Displaying NetWorker
Renaming a Client
Recover Access Issues
Previewing a Backup
Halting a Network Backup
Backup Media Capacity
Determining Jukebox Capacity
Savegroup Completion Messages
Maximum Filename Length
Savegroup Completion Warning Messages
X11 Errors
Moving Indexes
Recovering Files From an Interrupted Backup
Determining the NetWorker Server
Using nsrexecd

D. Command Summary
NetWorker System Commands
NetWorker Maintenance Commands

E. Frequently Asked Questions
Licensing and Installation
Tapes and Devices
Autochangers (Jukeboxes)
Backup Schedules
Browse and Retention Policies
Backing Up Data
Recovering Data
Logging and Notification