IRIX NetWorker   BusinesSuite Module for Informix®   (DBMI) Administrator's Guide

Document Number: 007-3556-002

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Table of Contents

About This Guide
Intended Audience
Software Requirements
Documentation and Support

1. Components and Installation
The Importance of Backing Up Mission Critical Data
Installing the Components

2. NetWorker Functionality
How NetWorker Backs up Data
How NetWorker Recovers Data
How BusinesSuite Module for Informix Connects NetWorker to ON-Bar

3. Scheduled Backups
Customizing the nsrdbmi Script
Using a Backup Group
Using Volume Pools
Using NetWorker Backup Schedules
Using NetWorker Policies
NetWorker Backup Clients
Viewing the Results of a Backup

4. On-Demand Backups
Performing On-Demand Backups Using ON-Bar
Performing Continuous Logical Log Backups
Required NetWorker XBSA Variables for Continuous Log Backups

5. Restoring Data
Preparing to Restore Data
Restoring Data with ON-Bar
Disaster Recovery

A. XBSA Environment Variables
NetWorker XBSA
Changing NetWorker XBSA Variables
Default Values and Valid Options

B. Error Messages
ON-Bar Messages
NetWorker Messages
NetWorker XBSA Messages