NQE Installation

Document Number: 007-3798-001

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Table of Contents

New Features

1. Installation Overview

2. Summary of Installation Steps

3. NQE Directory Structure

4. Customizing Preinstalled NQE

5. Upgrading Directly from NQE 3.2 to NQE 3.3

6. FLEXlm License Requirements
NQE Licensing Type
Where to Place Your NQE license.dat File
license.dat File Example
Ordering Your Permanent NQE FLEXlm License

7. Planning Your Configuration
Planning Server Type(s) and Clients
Planning Server Configuration
Planning a Cluster Configuration
Setting Port Numbers

8. Installing on Systems Other than UNICOS or UNICOS/mk

9. Installing on IRIX Systems Using the inst Utility

10. Installing on UNICOS/mk or UNICOS 10.0 Systems
Before You Install NQE
Installing NQE

11. Installing on UNICOS 9.0.x Systems

12. Upgrading from a Release Prior to NQE 3.1
Upgrading from NQE 3.0
Upgrading from NQE 2.0
Upgrading to NQE 3.3 If Running UNICOS 9.0 version of NQE, UNICOS 9.0 NQS/FTA (No NQX License)
Migrating NQS/FTA Requests
Restoring NQS/FTA Requests

13. NQE Version Maintenance Utility

14. Read This Before You Start NQE
Checkpointing Function on IRIX Systems
Checkpoint and Restart Operations on IRIX Systems
-Rf Option Supported on cqsub(1) Command
Possible Need to Modify the ilbrc File
Cray DynaWeb Server
Hewlett-Packard Patch Required before You Start NQE
Hewlett-Packard Systems Requirement for whatis File
Problem with Shutdown/restart of NQE Database
QSUB_WORKDIR Value for Requests Submitted through the NQE Database
NLB Differences for UNICOS/mk Systems
UNICOS Sites Using ftp Interface or USCP Interface
Command Paths Changed for UNICOS Systems
UNICOS/mk Changes to /etc/rc and /etc/config/rcoptions
NQS Customized Variables Now May Be Defined in the nqeinfo File
DCE Considerations
FLEXlm Documentation

15. Removing Previous NQX/NQS/FTA Versions

16. Using modules with NQE
Loading the modules Package
Using the NQE Modules File
Setting up Your User Environment

A. Preparing a Node to Run NQE

B. Configuring NQE Variables
Starting the NQE Configuration Utility
Editing the NQE Configuration Variables
NQE Configuration Display Menus

C. Mounting/Unmounting CD-ROMs
Mounting Local CD-ROMs
Unmounting (Ejecting) Local CD-ROMs
Exporting and Mounting CD-ROMs over NFS