NQE Administration

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1. NQE Overview
Scope of This Manual
NQE Environment
Running NQE As an Environment
NQE File Structure
Using the World Wide Web Interface

2. Concepts and Terms
Batch Requests
Request States
Request Processing
Queue Attributes
Queue States
Queue Complexes
Global Limits
Load Balancing and Destination Selection
File Transfer

3. Configuring NQE variables
Starting the NQE Configuration Utility
Editing the NQE Configuration Variables
NQE Configuration Display Menus

4. Starting and Stopping NQE
Starting NQE
Stopping NQE

5. NQS Configuration
Configuration Guidelines
Overview of NQS Manager Actions
Defining NQS Hosts in the Network
Defining Managers and Operators
Configuring the Scope of the User Status Display
Defining NQS Queues
Defining a Default Queue
Restricting User Access to Queues
Defining Queue Complexes
Defining Global Limits
Defining Per-request and Per-process Limits
Defining Job Scheduling Parameters
Defining Political Scheduling Daemon Threshold
Unified Resource Manager (URM) for UNICOS Systems
Miser Scheduler for IRIX Systems
NQS Periodic Checkpointing
Setting the Log File
Setting the Debug Level
Establishing NQS Accounting Procedures
Setting the Validation Strategy for Remote Access
Defining Other System Parameters
Using a Script File As Input to the qmgr Utility
Output Validation
NQS and Multilevel Security on UNICOS and UNICOS/mk Systems
NQS Local Changes for UNICOS and UNICOS/mk Systems

6. Operating NQS
Overview of Operator Actions
Starting NQS
NQS Shutdown and Restart
Monitoring NQS
Controlling the Availability of NQS Queues
Manipulating Requests
Recovering Jobs Terminated Because of Hardware Problems

7. NLB Administration
NLB Overview
Overview of NLB Configuration
Editing the NLB Configuration File
Configuring ACLs for the NLB
Starting the NLB Server
Specifying the NLB Server Location
Creating Redundant NLB Servers
Starting NLB Collectors
Managing the NLB Server

8. Implementing NLB Policies
Defining Load-balancing Policies
The policies File
Example of How Policies Are Applied
Testing Policies
File Formats
Implementing NQS Destination-selection Policies
Using Batch Request Limits in Policies
Storing Arbitrary Information in the NLB Database (Extensible Collector)
NLB Differences on UNICOS/mk

9. NQE Database
NQE Database Model
NLB Scheduling Versus NQEDB Scheduling
Overview of the NQE Database
NQE Database Components
NQE Database Concepts and Terms
Starting the NQE Database
Stopping the NQE Database
Obtaining Status
Compacting the NQE Database
Configuring the Database Components

10. Writing an NQE Scheduler
The Scheduler System Task
Writing a Simple Scheduler
Attribute Names and nqeinfo File Variable Names
Tcl Built-in Functions

11. Using csuspend
csuspend Options
csuspend Functionality
csuspend Examples

12. Job Dependency Administration
Managing the NLB Database for Job Dependency
Multiple NLB Servers and Job Dependency

13. FTA Administration
FTA Overview

14. Configuring DCE/DFS
Enabling DCE Support for NQE
Using a Password to Submit a Task
Using a Forwardable Ticket to Submit a Task
Checkpoint and Restart Support on UNICOS Systems
Support for Renewing and Refreshing Tickets
User Requirements
Administrating Kerberos and DCE

15. Configuring ilb
ilbrc File
$HOME/.ilbrc File
User Environment Variables

16. Problem Solving
Verifying That NQE Components Are Running
Verifying That Daemons Are Running
NQS Troubleshooting
Client Troubleshooting
NLB Troubleshooting
NQE Database Troubleshooting
Network Debugging
User's Job Project Displays As 0
Reinstalling the Software
Calling Customer Service

A. Man Page List
User Man Pages
Application Interfaces Man Pages
File Formats Man Pages for UNICOS Systems
Product Support Man Page
Administrator-level Man Pages

B. NQE Sample Configurations
NQE Servers and Clients
NQE Cluster Configuration
NQS Queue Configuration
NQE Database and Scheduler Structure

C. config.h/nqeinfo File Variables