IRISconsole  Administrator's Guide

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1. IRISconsole Features and Capabilities
IRISconsole Hardware Configuration
IRISconsole Commands
IRISconsole Graphical User Interface
IRISconsole Security
Overview of IRISconsole Operation

2. Configuring IRISconsole
Installing IRISconsole Software
Adding an IRISconsole Administrator
Adding an IRISconsole User
Determining Whether IRISconsole Security Is On or Off
Setting IRISconsole Security On or Off
Setting Up Additional Access Control
Obtaining the Multiplexer SCSI ID Number and Serial Port Connections
Determining the Multiplexer Device Name
Setting Up IRISconsole for Remote Access

3. Configuring Sites
Starting the IRISconsole Graphical User Interface
Setting User Preferences
Adding a Site
Adding a System to a Site
Performing Site Operations

4. Administering Sites
Administering IRISconsole Users and Administrators
Connecting to a Remote IRISconsole Workstation
Viewing Site Characteristics
Performing Operations on Attached Systems
Using the Availability Monitor Report
Displaying the System Log
Displaying the System Logs for All Systems in a Site
Storing System Log Information
Displaying the Hardware Inventory of a System
Displaying Hardware Status Information
Using Alarms
Using Graph Files
Renaming or Deleting a Site
Modifying or Deleting a System

A. Error Messages and Warning Messages