IRIX™ Admin: Peripheral Devices

Document Number: 007-2861-001

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1. Terminals and Modems
About the TTY Subsystem
Installing an ASCII Terminal
Installing a Modem
Managing the TTY Subsystem
Serial Port Pin Signal Tables

2. Printers
Understanding the lp Spooler
Command Interface to lp
Managing the lp System
Configuring the BSD lpr Spooler System
Printer Cable Pin Signal Tables

3. CD-ROM, Floptical, and Floppy Disk Drives
Floppy Disk and CD-ROM Filesystems
Configuring Floppy Disk Drive Device Files
Using Floppy Disk Drives

4. Tape Drives
Adding a Tape Drive
1/2-Inch Tape Drives
8mm and 4mm Tape Drives
QIC Tape Drives
Using dump With DAT Tapes
Tape Drive Cleaning Process

5. Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Your Modem Setup
Troubleshooting Your Printing System
Troubleshooting Inaccessible Tape Drives

A. Error Messages
lp Error Messages
Tape Drive Error Indications

B. Peripheral Device Files