IRIX Admin: Networking and Mail

Document Number: 007-2860-001

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About This Guide
What This Guide Contains
Conventions Used in This Guide
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1. Understanding Silicon Graphics' Networking Products
Networking Hardware
Networking Software
Optional Networking Products

2. Planning a Network
Planning the Physical Network
Internet Protocol Addresses
Domain Names
The Internet
Name-to-Address Mapping
Planning to Subnet Local Networks
Allocating IP Addresses
Planning for Network Security
Using Common Network Applications

3. Setting Up a Network
Configuring an IRIS System for a Network
Setting Up a Router
Subnetting a Network
Modifying the Network Interface Configuration
Changing Network Parameters
Dynamic Host Configuration With Proclaim
Creating a Local Network Script
Turning On Remote Access Logging
Setting Up Network-Wide Services
Troubleshooting Your Ethernet Connection

4. Managing a Network
Network Startup and Shutdown
Network Management Tools
Interpreting Network Statistics
Troubleshooting Poor Network Performance

5. SLIP and PPP
Installing the Software
Selecting a Modem
IP Addresses for SLIP and PPP Clients
Configuring a System for Dial-Out
Configuring a System for Dial-In
SLIP and PPP Routing and Address Allocation
Configuring a Bidirectional Link
Starting SLIP or PPP at Boot Time
Demand Dialing
File Transfer Over SLIP or PPP
Troubleshooting SLIP and PPP Links

6. BIND Name Server
The Domain Name Service
BIND Servers and Clients
The BIND Configuration Files
Setting Up a BIND Configuration
Managing the BIND Environment
Debugging named

Choosing TCP/IP or UUCP
Hardware Requirements for UUCP
UUCP Commands
UUCP Daemons
Supporting Databases
UUCP Administrative Files
Setting Up UUCP
UUCP Error Messages

8. IRIX sendmail
The Mail System
An Overview of sendmail
How sendmail Works
Aliases Database
sendmail Network Configurations
User-Configurable Macros and Classes
sendmail Planning Checklist
Configuring sendmail
Managing sendmail
Sendmail Questions, Problems, and Troubleshooting
Notes to Current sendmail Users

A. BIND Standard Resource Record Format
Standard Resource Record Format

B. IRIX sendmail Reference
sendmail Command-Line Flags
The Configuration File
Flags, Options, and Files