IRIX Admin: Software Installation and Licensing

Document Number: 007-1364-070

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Table of Contents

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Using This Guide
What This Guide Contains
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Notation Conventions
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1. Understanding Software Installations
Software Product Releases
Anatomy of a Software Product
Patch Releases
Sources of Installable Software
Software Installation Methods
Introduction to Inst

2. Preparing for Installation
Selecting a Distribution Source
Setting Up an Installation Server
Backing Up the Target Systems
Planning the Order of Installation
Collecting the Information That You Need

3. Starting an Installation
Determining the Installation Method
Preparations Checklist
About Miniroot Installations
Starting a Miniroot Installation
Starting a Live Installation

4. Using the Main Menu
The Software Installation Procedure
If Inst Is Interrupted
Managing Configuration Files

5. Using Supplementary Menus
Giving Commands on Other Menus
Using the View Commands Menu
Using the Administrative Commands Menu
Using the Interrupt Menu

6. Inst for Experts
Alternative Ways to Specify a Distribution
Installing Software Noninteractively
Using Command Shortcuts
Using step to Make Selections

7. Maintenance Tips
Installing a Software Update
Installing Optional Software Products
Installing Patch Releases
Installing Software for Hardware Upgrades
Installing Reference Pages
Reinstalling an Older Software Release
Avoiding Compatibility Problems
Removing Software

8. Tailoring Installations
Using an Initialization Script
Using README Files in a Distribution
Using a Related Distribution File
Setting Up an HTTP Installation Server
Checking the Current Preference Settings
Controlling Menu Displays
Controlling Disk Space Checks and Reports
Controlling the Display of Filenames
Displaying the Current Distribution Source
Turning Off Initial Selection of Subsystems
Changing the Network Time-out Value
A Closer Look at Preferences

9. Licensing
About License Manager
The License Request Process Illustrated
FLEXlm File and Utilities on Silicon Graphics Systems
New FLEXlm Features
Starting and Stopping the Licensing Daemon

A. Inst Quick Reference
Condensed Installation Instructions
Main Menu Commands
View Menu Commands
Administrative Menu Commands
Interrupt Menu Commands

B. Troubleshooting Installations
Types of Errors
Resolving Errors
Resolving Conflicts
Resolving Network Problems
Resolving Problems With CDs
Checking Distribution Directories and CDs
Using fx to Restore the Swap Partition
Calling Your Support Organization