IRIX™ Admin: System Configuration and Operation

Document Number: 007-2859-001

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IRIX Admin Manual Set
What This Guide Contains
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1. Introduction To System Configuration and Operation
Principles Of Good System Administration
Tasks of the System Administrator
Administration Tools

2. Making the Most of IRIX
IRIX Shell Shortcuts
General IRIX Shortcuts
Using Mouse Shortcuts
Creating New Reference Pages
Individual System Monitoring Tools
Monitoring Systems with Availmon

3. System Startup and Shutdown
Starting the System
Shutting Down the System
IRIX Operating Levels

4. Configuring The IRIX Operating System
Checking System Configuration
Altering the System Configuration

5. Configuring User Accounts and Managing User Issues
User Login Administration
Configuring The User's Environment
Communicating with Users

6. Configuring Disk and Swap Space
Useful Disk Usage Commands
Swap Space

7. Managing User Processes
Monitoring User Processes

8. Managing cadmin
Administering the CADMIN Object System
The cadmin Object System
Starting the cadmin Daemons
Stopping the cadmin Daemons
Troubleshooting the cadmin Object System

9. Maintaining the File Alteration Monitor
Troubleshooting fam

10. Using The Command (PROM) Monitor
How to Enter the Command (PROM) Monitor
Summary of Command Monitor Commands
Getting Help in the Command Monitor
Using Command Monitor Commands
Running the Command Monitor
The Command Monitor Environment
Booting a Program from the Command Monitor

11. System Performance Tuning
Theory of System Performance Tuning
Application Tuning
Monitoring the Operating System
Tuning The Operating System

A. IRIX Kernel Tunable Parameters
Format of This Appendix
General Parameters
System Limits Parameters
Resource Limits Parameters
Paging Parameters
IPC Parameters
IPC Messages Parameters
IPC Semaphores Parameters
IPC Shared Memory Parameters
Streams Parameters
Signal Parameters
Dispatch Parameters
EFS Parameters
Loadable Drivers Parameters
CPU Actions Parameters
Switch Parameters
Timer parameters
NFS Parameters
Socket Parameters
VINO Parameters
Extended Accounting Parameters

B. Troubleshooting System Configuration Using System Error Messages
Cadmin Objectserver Messages
Disk Space Messages
General System Messages
Memory and Swap Messages
System Panic Messages

C. IRIX Directories and Files
IRIX Root Directories
Other Important IRIX System Directories
Important IRIX System Files
IRIX Device Special Files
ASCII Conversion Table

D. Encapsulated PostScript File v.3.0 vs. PostScript File Format

E. Bibliography and Suggested Reading