Gauntlet® for IRIX® Administrator's Guide

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I. Introducing the Gauntlet Firewall

1. Understanding the Gauntlet Firewall
Understanding Gauntlet Firewall Concepts
Understanding Gauntlet Firewall Components
How the Gauntlet Firewall Works

2. Managing the Gauntlet Firewall
General Management and Maintenance
Understanding the Gauntlet Firewall Manager
Using the Gauntlet Firewall Manager
Getting Help

II. Managing the Gauntlet Firewall

3. Service Groups and Service Group Rules
Understanding Service Groups
Accessing Service Group Configuration
Configuring Service Groups
Understanding Service Group Rules
Accessing Service Group Rules Configuration
Adding Service Group Rules
Modifying Service Group Rules
Deleting Service Group Rules
Changing Order of Precedence

4. Destination Access
Understanding Destination Access
How Destination Access Works
Accessing Destination Access Configuration
Configuring Destination Access Rules

5. Networks and Network Groups
Understanding Networks and Network Groups
Accessing Network Configuration
Configuring Networks
Accessing Network Group Configuration
Configuring Network Groups

6. Users and User Groups
Understanding the User Authentication Management System
Understanding Strong Authentication
Configuring Users
Managing Groups

7. User Restrictions
Understanding User Restrictions
How User Restrictions Work
Accessing User Restriction Configuration
Configuring User Restriction Rules

III. Configuring and Using Proxy Services

8. Managing Proxy Services
Understanding Proxy Services
Configuring Proxy Services
Working With Configuration Sets

9. Managing FTP Services
Understanding the FTP Proxy
How the FTP Proxy Works
Accessing FTP Proxy Configuration
Configuring the Firewall for FTP Services
Using FTP Services
Running an Anonymous FTP Server

10. Managing LDAP Services
Understanding the LDAP Proxy
How the LDAP Proxy Works
Planning the LDAP Proxy
Configuring LDAP Clients
Configuring LDAP Proxy Settings
Enabling LDAP Services

11. Managing Microsoft SQL Services
Understanding the SQL Server Proxy
How the SQL Server Proxy Works
Accessing SQL Server Proxy Configuration
Configuring the Firewall for Microsoft SQL Services
Enabling SQL Server Proxy Services
Configuring Microsoft SQL Clients
Verifying Your Setup

12. Managing Multimedia Services
Understanding the Multimedia Proxy
Accessing Multimedia Proxy Configuration
Configuring the Firewall for Multimedia Services
Using the NetShow Proxy
Using the RealPlayer Proxy
Using the StreamWorks Proxy
Using the VDOLive Proxy

13. Managing Network Management Services
Understanding the SNMP Proxy
How the SNMP Proxy Works
Accessing SNMP Proxy Configuration
Configuring the Firewall for SNMP Services
Configuring SNMP Agents

14. Managing News Services
Understanding the News Proxy
How the News Proxy Works
Configuring the Firewall for News Services
Informing Your News Feed
Configuring Your News Server
Using News

15. Managing Print Services
Understanding the lp Proxy
How the lp Proxy Works
Configuring the Print Client
Configuring the Print Server
Accessing lp Proxy Configuration
Configuring the Firewall for lp Services
Using lp Services

16. Managing rsh Services
Understanding the rsh Proxy
How the rsh Proxy Works
Accessing rsh Proxy Configuration
Configuring the Firewall for rsh Services
Using rsh Services

17. Managing Sybase Services
Understanding the Sybase Proxy
How the Sybase Proxy Works
Accessing Sybase Proxy Configuration
Configuring the Firewall for Sybase Services
Configuring Sybase Clients
Verifying Your Setup

18. Managing Terminal Services
Understanding the TELNET and rlogin Proxies
How the TELNET and rlogin Proxies Work
Accessing TELNET and rlogin Proxy Configuration
Configuring the Firewall for Terminal Services
Using Terminal Services

19. Managing WWW and Gopher Services
Understanding the HTTP and Gopher Proxies
How the HTTP, Gopher, and SSL Proxies Work
Accessing HTTP, SSL, and Gopher Proxy Configuration
Configuring the Firewall for Web and Gopher Services
Using Web Services
Using Gopher Services
Running a Web Server

20. Managing X Window Services
Understanding the X11 Proxy
How the X11 Proxy Works
Accessing X11 Proxy Configuration
Configuring the Firewall for X11 Services
Using X11 Services

21. Managing Custom Services
Understanding the Plug Proxy
How the Plug Proxy Works
Accessing Plug Proxy Service Configuration
Configuring the Firewall for Plug Proxy Services
Configuring Your Service

22. Managing Custom Services With Authentication
Understanding the Circuit Proxy
How the Circuit Proxy Works
Accessing Circuit Proxy Configuration
Configuring the Firewall for Circuit Proxy Services
Using the Circuit Proxy

23. Managing MediaBase Services
Understanding the MediaBase Proxy
How It Works
Configuring the Firewall to Use the MediaBase Proxy
Enabling MediaBase Services
Using the MediaBase Proxy
Verifying Your Setup

IV. Managing the Firewall Environment

24. Mail Services
Understanding the SMTP Proxy
Accessing SMTP Proxy Configuration
Configuring the Firewall for SMTP Services
Configuring Other Settings
Using Mail
Understanding the POP3 Proxy
Accessing POP3 Proxy Configuration
Configuring the Firewall for POP3 Services
Configuring Your Internal POP3 Mail Server
Using POP3 to Exchange Mail

25. Managing Packet Screening
Understanding Packet Screening
How Packet Screening Works
How Packet Screening Rules Work
Accessing Packet Screening Configuration
Adding Packet Screening Rules
Modifying Packet Screening Rules
Deleting Packet Screening Rules
Changing Order of Precedence
Verifying Your Configuration

V. Managing Additional Firewall Services

26. Managing Logging and Reporting
Understanding Logging and Reporting
Creating Logs
Configuring Logs
Creating Reports
Configuring Reports
Reading Logs and Reports

27. Verifying Integrity
Understanding System Integrity
How System Integrity Works
Configuring Integrity Checks
Creating an Integrity Database
Updating the Integrity Database
Verifying System Integrity

28. Managing Virtual Private Networks
Understanding VPNs
How Virtual Private Networks Work
Accessing Encryption Key Configuration
Working With Encryption Keys
Accessing the VPN Configuration
Working With the VPN Configuration

29. Managing Web and Gopher Servers
Understanding the Info Server
How the Info Server Works
Accessing Info Server Configuration
Configuring the Firewall to Run an Info Server
Using the Info Server

30. Managing Content Scanning
Understanding Content Scanning
How Content Scanning Works
Accessing Content Scanning Configuration
Configuring the Firewall to Use Content Scanning
Configuring the Content Scanner

31. Managing URL Filtering
Understanding URL Filtering
Configuring URL Filtering
Understanding Cyber Patrol
Configuring Cyber Patrol
Enabling Cyber Patrol Services

32. Managing the Network Management Agent
Understanding the SNMP Agent
How the SNMP Agent Works
Accessing SNMP Agent Configuration
Configuring the Firewall as an SNMP Agent
Configuring SNMP Network Managers
Understanding SNMP Agent Replies

33. Login Shell
Understanding the Login Shell Program
How the Login Shell Program Works
Configuring the Firewall to Use the Login Shell Program
Using the Login Shell Program

VI. Appendices, Glossary, and Index

A. Installing and Upgrading to Gauntlet 4.1
Gauntlet Execution Environment Subsystems
Prerequisites for Installing Gauntlet
Installing the Software
Files In This Release
Gauntlet Configuration
Activating Your Gauntlet License
Obtaining and Installing a Software License
Upgrading to Gauntlet 4.1

B. Initializing Strong Authentication Tokens
Access Key II Authentication
Digipass Authentication
SafeWord Authentication Server
SecurID System Authentication
S/Key System
RADIUS Authentication
Reusable Passwords