This guide is intended for the administrator who is responsible for setting up and maintaining the Frame Relay software. It provides information about how to set up the Frame Relay software as well as descriptions of the configuration parameters and files that are used to run Frame Relay. This guide describes the steps needed to start Frame Relay and how to modify the configuration parameters, if necessary. It also describes how to verify the installation is working correctly and provides descriptions of associated error messages.


The IRIS Frame Relay (IFR) Administrator's Guide contains:

Chapter 1  

“What Is Frame Relay?” introduces the fundamentals of Frame Relay operation, describes the key features, and provides an example of its real world usage.

Chapter 2  

“Configuring and Starting Frame Relay” explains how to configure the parameters that determine how Frame Relay operates, how to start and stop Frame Relay, and how verify a correct installation.

Chapter 3  

“Frame Relay Error Messages” provides the error messages associated with Frame Relay.

Related Documentation and Resources

The following provide additional information and resources for use with Frame Relay.

  • The reference manual pages provide concise reference information for the use of commands, template configuration file formats, and driver descriptions. The reference pages are available online with the man(1) command.

  • The Frame Relay release notes provide installation instructions and specific information about the current release. Exceptions to this guide are also provided.

  • The operating system guides you received with your computer system contain information pertaining to system kernel reconfiguration.

  • The installation guide for your synchronous communications board contain information about your board and its configuration.

Typographical Conventions

These type conventions and symbols are used in this guide:


Filenames, IRIX commands, variables, IRIX command arguments, command flags, titles of publications, icon names

Screen type 

Code examples, file excerpts, and screen displays (including error messages)

Bold Screen type 

User input


(Parentheses) Following IRIX commands, they surround the reference page (man page) section where the command is described


IRIX shell prompt for the superuser (root)

Product Support

Silicon Graphics offers a comprehensive product support and maintenance program for their products. For information about using support services for this product, refer to the release notes that accompany it.

Suggested Reading

ITU-T Recommendation Q.922 — ISDN Data Link Layer Specification for Frame Mode Bearer Services

ITU-T Recommendation Q.933 — DSS1 Signalling Specification for Frame Mode Basic Call Control

FRF.1 — Frame Relay Forum User to Network Implementation Agreement

FRF.3 — Frame Relay Forum Multiprotocol Encapsulation Implementation Agreement

Frame Relay Specification With Extensions, Revision 1.0 (LMI Specification)

ISO/IEC TR 9577:1992 — Protocol Identification in the Network Layer

RFC 1490 — Multiprotocol Interconnect over Frame Relay

RFC 1293 — Inverse Address Resolution Protocol

UNIX International — Data Link Provider Interface Specification, Revision 2.0.0 (August 1991)