Chapter 3. Frame Relay Error Messages

This chapter provides a listing of error messages. Should you see any of these errors on your system console or in /usr/adm SYSLOG, please report the problem to your Silicon Graphics support person immediately. No corrective active should be attempted without assistance from your Silicon Graphics support person.

ip_mfe_lower_proto:  bad message format
ip_mfe_lower_proto:  dl_error_ack <error code>
ip_mfe_lower_proto:  dl_uderror_ack <error code>
ip_mfe_lower_proto:  unknown primitive <command code>
ip_mfe_ok_ack:  bad message format
ip_mfe_ok_ack:  bind allocb failed
ip_mfe_ok_ack:  no buffers
ip_mfe_ok_ack:  detach allocb failed
ip_mfe_ok_ack:  invalid state <bad state number>
ip_mfe_unitdata_ind:  data missing
ip_mfelrput:  db_type = <bad type>
ip_mfe_do_ifoutput:  allocb failed
ip_mfe:  bad message format for addvc
ip_mfe:  format_attach failed
ip_mfe:  format_unbind failed
ip_mfe:  M_IOCNAK  ioc_cmd = <command code>  ioc_error = <error code>