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Figure 1. Window Terms
Figure 2. More Window Terms
Figure 3. A Horizontal Scroll Bar
Figure 4. An Entry Field
Figure 5. An Option Button and an Option Button Menu
Figure 6. A File Prompter Window
Figure 7. A Help Menu and a Help Button
Figure 1-1. The propel Directory View
Figure 1-2. The Host Database Editor
Figure 1-3. The Collection Manager
Figure 1-4. The Add Collection Window
Figure 1-5. A Populated Collection Manager Window
Figure 1-6. A Collection Display Window
Figure 1-7. The Add Host Window
Figure 1-8. The Add Host Query Window
Figure 1-9. A Populated Collection
Figure 1-10. The File Database Editor
Figure 1-11. A List of Source Files in the File Database
Figure 1-12. The Distribution Rules Editor
Figure 1-13. A Prepared Distribution Rule
Figure 1-14. The User Database Editor
Figure 1-15. The Group Manager
Figure 1-16. The Add Group Window
Figure 1-17. A Populated Group Manager Window
Figure 1-18. A Group Display Window
Figure 1-19. The Add User Window