About This Guide

The Oracle Parallel Server (OPS) system represents a significant development in RDBMS capability for Oracle® users. The ability to cluster two computer systems and coordinate their access to a single shared Oracle database provides for increased throughput and capacity with higher levels of application and database availability.

This guide was prepared in conjunction with Release 1.2 of OPS software for Silicon Graphics systems.


This guide is written for the person who administers the OPS system. The OPS administrator is familiar with Oracle RDBMS in general and the specific Oracle database instances running on the CHALLENGE® or Origin servers. The OPS administrator is also familiar with the operation of the workstation and the CHALLENGE or Origin servers, as well as the optional Vault storage systems and CHALLENGE RAID storage system, if they are used in the OPS configuration. The OPS administrator has acquired familiarity with the Oracle Parallel Server system and uses IRISconsole to control the OPS systems.

Structure of This Document

This guide contains the following chapters and appendix:


These type conventions and symbols are used in this guide:


Filenames, IRIX commands, manual or book titles, variable command line arguments, and variables to be supplied by the user in examples, code, and syntax statements

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Error messages, prompts, and onscreen text

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User input, including keyboard keys (printing and nonprinting); literals supplied by the user in examples, code, and syntax statements