Chapter 9. Installing on IRIX Systems Using the inst Utility

This chapter describes how to use the IRIX inst utility to install NQE 3.3 on IRIX systems. For a list of the supported operating system levels, see Table 1-1.

Caution: Ensure that you have installed your FLEXlm license file for this release. The FLEXlm license included with your NQE 3.3 release is temporary; when you order your permanent NQE license, you must restart NQE 3.3. Customers with valid NQE 3.2 FLEXlm licenses do not need new licenses for the NQE 3.3 release.

For information about FLEXlm licensing requirements, see Chapter 6, “FLEXlm License Requirements”.

Note: To install NQE 3.3, you are required to have root permission.

To install NQE on an IRIX system, complete the following procedure:

Procedure 9-1.

  1. Place the CD-ROM into the drive.

  2. Using the left mouse button, select System->Software Manager on the pulldown menu.

  3. On the Available Software list, select /CDROM/dist The dist directory contains four directories as follows: 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, and 6.5.

  4. Click on the desired type of installation (Default Installation, Customize Installation, or Manage Installed Software...).

  5. Click on the desired IRIX system level and type of installation (master or client).

  6. Click on the Start button. The Log screen will display the following message when the NQE installation is complete:

    Installations and removals were successful.

  7. Eject the CD-ROM.

  8. If you are upgrading to NQE 3.3 directly from NQE 3.2, return to Chapter 5, “Upgrading Directly from NQE 3.2 to NQE 3.3”, and complete the upgrade steps.

  9. If you are upgrading to NQE 3.3 from a release before NQE 3.2, skip to Chapter 12, “Upgrading from a Release Prior to NQE 3.1”, and complete the appropriate upgrade procedure.

  10. Otherwise, use the NQE version maintenance utility (nqemaint(8)) to make NQE 3.3 the default version. For information about how to use nqemaint(8), see Chapter 13, “NQE Version Maintenance Utility”.

  11. Read Chapter 14, “Read This Before You Start NQE”, for important information you should know about before you start NQE 3.3.

For information about how to prepare a node to run NQE, see Appendix A, “Preparing a Node to Run NQE”.

For information about how to start and stop NQE, see the nqeinit(8) and nqestop(8) man pages.