Chapter 2. Summary of Installation Steps

To install the NQE software, you will complete the following steps:

  1. Read Chapter 3, “NQE Directory Structure”, which describes the NQE directory structure.

    Note: The directory structure changed for the NQE 3.1 release.

  2. If you received a new UNICOS or UNICOS/mk system that has NQE preinstalled, follow the procedures in Chapter 4, “Customizing Preinstalled NQE”, to complete the NQE installation for your system.

  3. If you are upgrading directly from the NQE 3.2 release to the NQE 3.3 release, follow the upgrade procedures described in Chapter 5, “Upgrading Directly from NQE 3.2 to NQE 3.3”.

  4. If you are upgrading from an NQE release prior to NQE 3.2, you will first install NQE 3.3, and then follow the upgrade procedures described in Chapter 12, “Upgrading from a Release Prior to NQE 3.1”.

  5. If you plan to change your configuration from the default provided or if you are upgrading and plan to change your configuration from your previous NQE release, you must plan your configuration and determine NQE servers, clients, and port numbers as described in Chapter 7, “Planning Your Configuration”.

  6. For UNICOS and UNICOS/mk systems, if you choose to install the modules package, install the package before you install NQE 3.3. For the modules package installation procedures, see Chapter 16, “Using modules with NQE”.

  7. Install NQE by following the appropriate set of procedures for your installation:

  8. Use the NQE version maintenance utility (nqemaint(8) command) to set NQE 3.3 to be the default version of NQE; nqemaint is described in Chapter 13, “NQE Version Maintenance Utility”.

  9. Read Chapter 14, “Read This Before You Start NQE”, which includes important information you need to know before you start NQE.

  10. If you are upgrading to NQE 3.3 on a Cray PVP system that is running a version of UNICOS before UNICOS 9.2, you should remove previous versions of NQX, NQS, and/or FTA that were bundled with UNICOS, as described in Chapter 15, “ Removing Previous NQX/NQS/FTA Versions”.

Appendixes in this installation guide provide information about preparing a node to run NQE, using the NQE configuration utility (nqeconfig(8) command), and mounting and unmounting CD-ROMs.