List of Examples

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Example 4-1. The list Legend
Example 4-2. Sample list Display of Distribution Software
Example 4-3. Sample list Display of Target Software
Example 4-4. Sample list Display of Patches
Example 4-5. Sample Disk Space Summary
Example 4-6. Multiple Arguments to the install, remove, and keep Commands
Example 4-7. List of Subsystems Selected for Installation
Example 4-8. Successful Installation Messages
Example 4-9. Sample Conflicts Message
Example 4-10. Sample Entry to Resolve Conflicts
Example 4-11. Sample Error in Pre-Installation Processing
Example 4-12. Sample Error in Installation Processing
Example 4-13. Sample Error in Exit Operations
Example 4-14. Conflicts Message When Quitting Inst
Example 4-15. Quit Prompt With the Reboot Message
Example 4-16. Notice of Configuration File Changes
Example 4-17. Listing of Changed Configuration Files
Example 5-1. A list Display From the Target View
Example 5-2. A step Display From the Distribution View
Example 5-3. Effects of Using View Filters
Example 5-4. Effects of level on a list Display
Example 5-5. Effects of sort on a list Display
Example 5-6. Displaying Individual Filesystems
Example 5-7. Changing Column Order in list Displays
Example 5-8. Sample files Display
Example 5-9. Sample Selections File
Example 6-1. Sample of a Non-Interactive Installation
Example 6-2. Commands With Product and Image Arguments
Example 6-3. Sample Product, Image, and Subsystem Names
Example 6-4. A step Command Display
Example 8-1. Sample inst.init Script
Example 8-2. Sample .swmgrrc File