Chapter 9. Licensing

Silicon Graphics products are licensed by either the NetLS or FLEXlm application. You should use the FLEXlm End User Manual and the Network License System Administration Guide (available online through IRIS InSight) as the primary sources of information on setting up and maintaining the licensing scheme at your site.

The remaining information in this chapter is specific to setting up FLEXlm on Silicon Graphics systems.

FLEXlm File and Utility Locations

When you install FLEXlm software, its files and programs are stored in these locations:


license manager daemon


Silicon Graphics vendor daemon


license file

/usr/sbin (lmdiag, lmdown, and so on)  

FLEXlm license administration tools


Startup script for the FLEXlm application


Configuration file containing arguments to the lmgrd command


Text file for enabling or disabling automatic startup of the FLEXlm daemon

The FLEXlm Startup Sequence

The installation process installs a startup script, /etc/init.d/flexlm, that starts and stops the FLEXlm license daemon. This script executes the lmgrd command to start the license daemon, using the values in the configuration file, /etc/config/lmgrd.options.

To determine whether to start the license daemon, /etc/init.d/flexlm reads the file /etc/config/flexlm. By default, /etc/config/flexlm contains the value off, which prevents the FLEXlm license daemon from starting during the system startup sequence.

Enter this command as superuser to start the FLEXlm license daemon:

# /etc/init.d/flexlm start

If you want FLEXlm to start automatically at system startup, change the value in /etc/config/flexlm to on using this command:

# /etc/chkconfig flexlm on

Changing FLEXlm Software Locations

The FLEXlm configuration script, /etc/config/lmgrd.options, specifies the location of license.dat, the FLEXlm license file. If you decide to change the location of the license file, you can do so by editing /etc/config/lmgrd.options to contain the new location of license.dat.

If you change the location of the license file and you want the FLEXlm application to start automatically at system startup, set the new path with the LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable. Enter a line like the sample below in the .cshrc file (.profile or .kcshrc for Bourne or Korn shells):


Note: If your license file is not at /var/flexlm/license.dat and you plan to use License Manager, you must use the LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable to specify the pathname to the license file.