FDDIXPress Administrator's Guide

Document Number: 007-0813-060

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Table of Contents

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Additional Reading
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1. Introducing FDDI
FDDI Features
FDDI Standard
FDDI Devices
How FDDI Works

2. Configuring FDDIXPress Software
FDDIXPress Package
Installing FDDIXPress
Number Assignment to Interfaces
Default Configurations
Quick and Easy Configuration Instructions
Complete and Complex Configuration Information
Verifying the FDDI Connection

3. Managing Your FDDI Station and Ring
Station Management Commands
Verifying the Connection to a Station
Listing the Stations on the Ring
Displaying SMT Information for a Remote Station
Recognizing Faults on the FDDI Ring
Monitoring a Station's FDDI Status
Displaying and Configuring Network Interface Information
Verifying a Station's PCM Functionality
Removing a Station From the FDDI Ring
Removing FDDIXPress

4. Troubleshooting
General Advice
Checking Physical Connections
Status Indicators and Symptoms

A. Error Messages
How Messages Are Listed
SMT Error Messages
xpi Driver Error Messages
ipg Driver Error Messages
rns Driver Error Messages

B. smtstat Reports
MAC Status Report
Port Status Report
Ring Management Status Report
Configuration Information Report
Neighbor Information Report
SMT Information Report

C. Configuring the SMT Daemon and the FDDIXPress Driver
Configuring the SMT Daemon
Configuring the FDDIXPress Driver

D. Man Pages