IRIX Commercial Security Pak Administrator's Guide

Document Number: 007-3266-001

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1. Introduction to the Commercial Security Pak
Commercial Security Pack Product Overview
Commercial Security Pak Features

2. Planning Your System Security Policy
Planning Your Administrative Accounts
Creating Security Policies
Planning for Users
Planning for Auditing
Installation Notes
Deactivating a System

3. Administering Login Accounts
Creating User Accounts
User Groups
Performing the Superuser Role
Performing the Site Security Officer Role
Performing the System Administrator Role
Performing the Operator Role
Performing the Auditor Role

4. Administering Access Control
DAC Permissions
Access Control Lists (ACLs)

5. Administering the System Audit Trail
Special Audit Events in the Commercial Security Pak
Auditing Unexpected Use of Privilege

6. Administering Identification and Authentication
Administering Passwords

7. Administering CSP-Kerberos
Introduction to CSP-Kerberos
Reasons To Use CSP-Kerberos
Planning For CSP-Kerberos
Installing CSP-Kerberos
Configuring CSP-Kerberos
CSP-Kerberos Administrative Commands
CSP-Kerberos Libraries
Troubleshooting CSP-Kerberos

8. System Data Files
Home Directory Files
/var Directory Structure Files
/dev directory Structure Files
/etc Directory Files
/etc/config Directory Files
/usr Directory Structure Files

A. CSP-Kerberos Files and Error Messages
CSP-Kerberos Files
CSP-Kerberos Error Messages