IRIS® 3270 Emulator User's Guide

Document Number: 007-0805-040

Front Matter

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Table of Contents

Typographical Conventions
Software and Hardware
Network Configuration
Product Support

1. Configuring the IRIS 3270 Emulator
Configuring the Emulator for the First Time
Starting setup3270
Changing the Character Set
Choosing a Link Type
Selecting a Terminal Model
Changing the Font Size
Choosing Link-Specific Options
Selecting Miscellaneous Options
Using the Actions Menu
Getting Help
Displaying the IBM Keyboard Map

2. Using the IRIS 3270 Emulator
Before You Start
Starting the Emulator
The Emulator Window
Quitting a 3270 Emulator Session
Displaying the IBM Keyboard Map
Saving Screen Images to a File
The IRIS 3270 Terminal Status Line

3. Using the IRIS 3270 Emulator with an ASCII Terminal
Starting the 3270 Emulator with an ASCII Terminal
Quitting an Emulation Session
Saving Screen Images to a File
3270 Terminal Status Line
IRISXFR Operations
IND$FILE Operations

4. Transferring Files
Basic File Transfer Steps
File Transfer Error Messages

5. Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Host Problems
Troubleshooting File Transfer Problems
Resolving Errors

A. Error Messages
Configuration Errors
Terminal Emulation Errors
IRISXFR Menu Errors
IRISXFR Run-Time Errors
IND$FILE Menu Errors
IND$FILE Run-Time Errors

B. Editing the Emulator Configuration File
Parameter Descriptions
Required SNA Parameters
Required TCP Parameters
Required 5080 Parameters

C. 3278 Status Line Codes and Messages

D. Automating Host File Transfers

E. Keyboards