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Figure 1-1. Conceptual View of MediaWarehouse
Figure 2-1. MediaWarehouse Icon
Figure 2-2. MediaWarehouse
Figure 2-3. Some Objects You Can Store in MediaWarehouse
Figure 2-4. An X29 Jet in the Viewer
Figure 2-5. A Shelf With the Same Type of Objects Stored on It
Figure 2-6. Import File Selection Box
Figure 3-1. MediaWarehouse Window
Figure 3-2. MediaWarehouse Menu Bar
Figure 3-3. The File Menu
Figure 3-4. The Edit Menu
Figure 3-5. The Shelf Menu
Figure 3-6. The Help Menu
Figure 3-7. Using the Shelves Menu
Figure 3-8. Dragging and Dropping an Object Into MediaWarehouse
Figure 3-9. Cutting and Pasting an Object Into MediaWarehouse
Figure 3-10. Using Primary Selection to Copy Text to MediaWarehouse
Figure 4-1. Import Targets Panel
Figure 4-2. New Objects Panel