WebMagic User's Guide

Document Number: 008-2615-003

Front Matter

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Table of Contents

1. Authoring with WebMagic
Overview of WebMagic
Creating a New Document
Opening and Saving a Document
Importing Text, HTML, RTF, and Image Files
Entering and Editing Text
Formatting and Structuring Text
Entering Raw HTML Markup
Adding a Horizontal Rule
Working with Images in an HTML Document
Creating and Editing Links
Including Forms in a Web Document
Customizing the Page Background
Specifying a Title
Viewing and Publishing the Document
Publishing a Document on the Web
Printing a Document
Setting WebMagic Authoring Preferences

2. WebMagic Reference
Anatomy of the WebMagic Window
About the Icon Buttons in the Toolbar
The Form Tool
The Image Map Tool
The Image Attributes Window
The Background/Text Color Tool
The Insert Text Dialog Box
The Insert Table Dialog Box
The Create Link Window
The Horizontal Rule Attributes Dialog Box
Using the WebMagic File Browser
The License Dialog
The Right Mouse Button Pop-up Menu