CASEVision™/Tracker Design Guide

Document Number: 007-1664-030

Front Matter

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Table of Contents

About This Guide

1. Introduction to Tracker System Design
Tracker Terminology
Tracker Design Tools
Tracker Design Cycle
Using Starter Systems

2. Using the Process Description Language (PDL)
The PDL File
Field Declarations
Transition Declarations
View Declarations
Help Declarations

3. Using the Data Manipulation Language (DML)
Tracker Database Overview
DML Statements

4. Tutorial–A Basic Tracking System
Analyzing the sample1 PDL File
Generating a Tracker Application
Expanding the sample1 Application

5. Installing RTS Applications
Procedures for Installing RTS Applications

6. Advanced Design Techniques
Using Dates
Customizing Resources
Using the exec Functions
Importing Data
Preparing Translation Scripts

7. Configuration Management
Configuration Management Overview
The Integration Architecture
Using the ClearCase/Tracker Integration
Using the find_fixes Utility
Recovering from Database Update Failures
Preparing VOB Databases

A. The File

B. RTS PDL Files with On-line Help