IRIS Showcase™ User's Guide

Document Number: 007-1303-070

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Table of Contents

1. Getting Started
What You Need to Know to Get Started with IRIS Showcase
What Is IRIS Showcase?
Understanding IRIS Showcase
Running IRIS Showcase
What You See First When You Run IRIS Showcase
Using IRIS Showcase Menus
Using Rollover Menus
Using Keyboard Shortcuts
Using Gizmos
Using the “Undo” Command to Reverse an Action
Using On-line Help
Where to Go from Here

2. Opening, Saving, and Working with Files
Opening IRIS Showcase Files
Saving Files
Having IRIS Showcase Automatically Create Backup Files
Working with Multiple Files

3. Working with Objects
What Are Objects
Selecting Objects
Editing Objects
Deleting Objects
Copying and Pasting Objects
Copying and Pasting Objects Between IRIS Showcase Files
Grouping and Ungrouping Objects
Locking and Pinning Objects in Place
Moving Objects
Resizing Objects
Popping and Pushing Objects
Changing Opacity
Positioning Objects on the Page

4. Setting Up and Working with Pages
Changing Page Sizes
Adding Pages
Deleting Pages
Turning Pages
Setting Page Transitions
Adding Page Numbers
Viewing Page Notes
Rearranging Pages
Zooming a Page
Changing the Portion of the Page You Are Viewing (Panning)
Working with Templates
Using Existing Templates
Creating Templates
Modifying a Template
Saving a Template
Removing a Template from the Page and the Template Gizmo
Applying a Different Template to a Page

5. Drawing with IRIS Showcase
Drawing Objects
Editing Graphics Objects
Changing an Object's Color
Changing Patterns
Making an Object Smooth or Jagged
Filling and Unfilling Objects
Changing Line Style
Changing the Outline Style
Copying and Pasting Styles of Graphics
Rotating 2D Graphics Objects
Mirroring 2D Graphics Objects
Changing the Shape of Graphics Objects
Making a Multicolored or Shaded Graphics Object

6. Working with Text
Typing Text
Using Existing Text Files
Copying Text from Another Program
Resizing Text Objects
Rotating Label Text
Turning Text into a 2D Graphics Object
Outlining Text Objects
Creating Multiple Text Columns
Flowing Text
Editing Text
Changing the Style of Text
Changing the Font
Changing the Size of Text
Changing the Color of Your Text
Generating Overstrike Characters and Accents
Using Special Characters
Using Subscripts and Superscripts
Changing the Attributes of an Entire Text Object
Changing the Format of Your Text
Using Tabs

7. Building 3D Models
2D Pictures and 3D Models: What Are the Differences?
How Should 3D Models Display?
Working with 3D Models: A Sample Session
Importing 3D Models
Saving 3D Models Using the “Save As” Command
Using the 3D Model Container
The Types of Models You Can Build
Making Simple Models: Cubes, Cylinders, Spheres, and Cones
Creating Tube-shaped Models
Creating Beveled Models
Creating 3D Text Models
Modifying 3D Text Models
Manipulating 3D Models
Changing Your View of 3D Models
Modifying 3D Models

8. Working with Images and Audio
Adding Images
Creating Images
Resizing Images
Restoring Images
Adding Audio
Audio File Formats that IRIS Showcase Accepts
Finding Sample Audio Files
Importing Audio Files
Recording an Audio Clip and Adding It to Your IRIS Showcase File
Using the Audio Control Panel
Playing the Audio in Your Document
Replacing an Audio Clip

9. Creating Presentations
Creating a Presentation
Using HyperScripts
Understanding the Different Types of HyperScripts
Creating HyperScripts: The Basic Procedure
Checking HyperScripts
Deleting a HyperScript
Deleting Actions from a HyperScript
Rearranging Actions in a HyperScript
Editing Actions in a HyperScript
Copying a HyperScript
Creating a Self-running Slide Show
Running a Self-running Slide Show
Viewing a Presentation
Designing a Presentation for Videotape
Making a Videotape of an IRIS Showcase Presentation

10. Printing and Mailing IRIS Showcase Files
Printing an IRIS Showcase File
Printing to a PostScript File
Tips for Printing IRIS Showcase Files
Mailing an IRIS Showcase File

11. A Reference to Commands and Gizmos
The Drawing Window
The File Menu
The Edit Menu
The View Menu
The Page Menu
The Help Menu
The Gizmos Menu
The Master Gizmo
The 3D Gizmos
The Align Gizmo
The Audio Gizmo
The HyperScript Gizmo
The Image Gizmo
The Page Gizmo
The Status Gizmo
The Template Gizmo
The Text Gizmos

A. Scrolling Text

B. Using Shortcuts

C. Importing and Exporting Files
Importing Files
Exporting Files

D. IRIX Commands

E. Extended ISO Character Codes

F. About Fonts
What Fonts Are Available?
Getting IRIS Showcase to Recognize Additional Fonts
Localizing Fonts