SoftWindows 2.0 for Unix User's Guide

Document Number: 007-3113-003

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Table of Contents

About This Guide
About this documentation
About this guide

1. Introduction
What is SoftWindows?
Product specification
Technical specification

2. Tutorial
Installing the Windows application WinPost
Running a Windows application
Printing from a Windows application

3. Running SoftWindows
Running Windows
Running MS-DOS
Restarting and quitting SoftWindows

4. Using SoftWindows
To resize the SoftWindows window
Status bar
Using the mouse in MS-DOS
Using the keyboard
Copying and pasting between MS-DOS and Unix
Copying and pasting text and graphics in Microsoft Windows
Using floppy disks
Using CD-ROMs
Using PC files stored in Unix
Connecting to a PC network
Using sound and FPU emulation
Activating and deactivating drives and ports

5. Printing, input, and output
Printing from SoftWindows
Printing from Windows applications
Printing from MS-DOS applications
Printing to a serial printer
Redirecting to a file and piping to a process
Serial input and output

6. Using Windows
Windows basics
Installing and running Windows applications
Installing printer drivers, keyboard drivers, and fonts

7. Using MS–DOS
About MS–DOS
Using the MS–DOS editor
Using MS–DOS commands
Installing MS-DOS applications

8. Using SoftWindows with a text terminal
Limitations of running SoftWindows on a text terminal
Running SoftWindows
Using SoftWindows
Rocking the display
Using the keyboard

9. Troubleshooting
Common questions
Common problems
MS-DOS errors
SoftWindows FSA errors
SoftWindows errors
Networking errors