Personal System Administration Guide

Document Number: 007-1366-070

Front Matter

Table of Contents

1. Overview of System Administration
Choosing an Administrator and Privileged Users
Using System Administration Tools

2. Setting Up a New System
Setting Up System Basics
Choosing Between a Network and Standalone Access Account

3. Setting Up Network, Peripheral, and Printer Connections
Setting Up Network Connections
Setting Up Peripheral Connections
Setting Up Printer Connections

4. Installing and Removing Software
Overview of the Software Manager
About the Menus
Installing Software
Viewing Installed and Available Software
Removing Installed Software
Saving or Loading a Custom Selection of Software
Setting Software Manager Preferences
Troubleshooting Software Installation
Advanced Topics

5. Managing User Accounts and Groups
Overview of the User Manager
Understanding User Accounts, Groups, and the Network
Creating a User Login Account
Customizing a User Login Account
Deleting a User Login Account
Viewing a User's Business Card
Designating the Administrator with the User Manager
Designating Privileged Users
Designating the Primary User With the User Manager
Managing User Groups

6. Managing Disk Space
Overview of the Disk Manager
Freeing Up Disk Space
Adding and Deleting Swap Space
Using Disk Space on Other Systems
Making Your Disk Space Available to Other Systems
Taking Advantage of a Second Disk
Using Disk Space on CDs and Floppy Disks

7. Maintaining the System
Managing System Information
Using the Login Screen
Setting the Time and Date
Backing Up and Restoring Files
Shutting Down or Restarting the System
Managing Processes

8. Troubleshooting
Responding to System Monitor Warnings
Troubleshooting Disk Space Problems
Troubleshooting Problems with Removable Media
Rebuilding System Setup Information
Troubleshooting Shared Resources Problems
Troubleshooting Network Errors
Troubleshooting Standard Printing Problems
Troubleshooting lpr Printing
Software Installation
Running Confidence Tests