IRIX™NetWorkerŽ User's Guide

Document Number: 007-2304-002

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1. Introduction to NetWorker
NetWorker Basics
Installing NetWorker Software on Clients

2. Getting Started
Starting the NetWorker Backup and Recover Programs
Using NetWorker Menus
Using NetWorker Windows
Using Help
Quick Tour

3. Browsing Filesystems
Viewing Your Directories
Marking and Unmarking Files
Viewing File Details
Searching for Files
Changing a Selection
Exiting From a Window

4. Backing Up and Recovering Data
Backing Up Data
Recovering Data

5. Archiving and Retrieving
Archiving Data
Retrieving Data

A. Error Messages
Error Messages for Backup
Error Messages for Recover
Error Messages for Both Backup and Recover

B. Commands for Backup and Recovery

C. Requirements for NetWorker Clients