Digital Media Tools Guide

Document Number: 007-2275-004

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Table of Contents

1. About This Guide

2. The Capture Tool
Overview of the Capture Tool
Running the Capture Tool
Creating Movies Using the Capture Tool
Recording Audio Using the Capture Tool
Taking a Picture Using the Capture Tool
Taking a Screen Snapshot Using the Capture Tool
About the Settings Window
About the Capture Tool

3. The Movie Convert Tool
Movie Convert: An Overview
Changing the File Format of Images
Resizing Images Using Movie Convert
Changing the File Format and Compression Scheme of Movies
Turning a Collection of Images into a Movie
Decomposing a Movie into a Series of Image Files
About Movie Convert's Controls
Keyboard Shortcuts for Movie Convert
An Explanation of Input and Output Formats
Troubleshooting Movie Convert Problems

4. The Media Convert Tool
Overview of Media Convert
Summary of Media Convert Conversions
Converting Movie Files
Converting Audio Files
Converting Image Files
Combining Media Files
Extracting a Media File from a Movie File
Changing Image Size
Specifying Video Parameters
Specifying Audio Parameters
Customizing Compression Settings
Comparing Input and Ouput File Information
Reference to Media Convert Controls
Keyboard Shortcuts for Media Convert

5. Using Movie Maker
Movie Maker: An Overview
Running Movie Maker
Manipulating Movie Files
Making Movies
Editing a Movie
Previewing a Movie
Setting Movie Playback Options
About the Movie Maker Display

6. Movie Player
Movie Player: An Overview
Running Movie Player
Watching Movies
Adjusting the Volume
Copying Selected Frames and Audio
About Movie Player's Menus
Running Movie Player with Command Line Options

7. Sound Editor
Sound Editor: An Overview
Running Sound Editor
Manipulating Sound Files
Playing Sound Files
Adjusting the Playback Level
Recording Sound into a File Using Sound Editor
Editing a Sound File
Troubleshooting Sound Editor Problems
About the Sound Editor Display
Using Sound Editor's Menus

8. Sound Filer
About Sound Filer
Running Sound Filer
The Sound Filer Display
Finding an Audio File
Playing an Audio File
Installing Sample Audio Files
Viewing Sample Audio Files
Converting an Audio File

9. Sound Player
About Sound Player
Playing an Audio File with Sound Player
Adjusting the Volume
About Sound Player's Menus
Playing a MIDI File

10. CD Manager
About CD Manager
Running CD Manager
Playing a CD
Adjusting the Volume of Your CD
Moving to a Particular Location on the CD
Using the Music Catalog
Recording to a File Using CD Manager
Understanding the Display

11. DAT Manager
About DAT Manager
Running DAT Manager
Playing a Tape
Adjusting the Volume of Your Tape
Moving to a Particular Location on the Tape
Recording Audio from a DAT Tape to a File
Recording from an Audio File to a DAT Tape
Understanding the DAT Manager Display