Media Control Panels User's Guide

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1. Video Panel
Video Overview
Adjusting the Video Signal
Video Panel on an Indy
Video Panel on Systems With Optional Video
Setting the Default Input to Indy Cam™
Connecting a VCR or Video Camera
Displaying Video in a Window
Sending Graphics to Video
Synchronizing Graphics To Video
Using the Command Line Tools To Output and Save Video Frames
Saving Single Frames
Using the Pro Panels
Troubleshooting Problems With Video

2. Audio Panel
Audio Panel Overview
Adjusting Audio Parameters
Creating and Saving Audio Files
Adjusting Input and Output Rates
Adjusting the Speaker and Headphone Volume
Using a Stereo Microphone
Enabling Four Channel Sound
Selecting an Input Source
Adjusting the Input Levels
Selecting a Sampling Rate
Turning Off Desktop Sounds
Turning On Key Click
Using Presenter Audio

A. Video Control Panel for Indigo Workstations
About Video Control Panel for Indigo Workstations
Setting Up Video Equipment
The Video Control Panel Display
Adjusting the Video Display
Troubleshooting Problems with Video