InPerson™ User's Guide

Document Number: 007-2253-004

Front Matter

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Table of Contents

1. Using InPerson
Making Calls: An Overview
Programming Your Phone
Creating a Group of People
Viewing and Editing Groups
Answering a Call
Preparing for a Call
Managing Calls
Adjusting Audio Settings
Adjusting Video Settings
Opening and Closing the Whiteboard
Using the Whiteboard: A Visual Key
Drawing on the Whiteboard
Adding Text to the Whiteboard
Manipulating Whiteboard Objects
Adding Images
Adding 3D Models
Working with Pages
Managing Files

2. About InPerson and Its Controls
About the Phone
The Phone Popup Menu
The Call Preferences Panel
The Calling Window
The Group View Window
The List Groups Window
The Ring Control Panel
The Call Control Panel
The Network Info Panel
The Shelf
The Participant Display Area
The Conference Window Toolbar
The Conference Window Menus
The Whiteboard
Keys and Shortcuts