InPerson™ Setup and Administration Guide

Document Number: 007-2254-004

Front Matter

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Table of Contents

1. Setting Up InPerson™
InPerson Checklist
Setting the Network Bandwidth for Your Network Type
Preparing Your Network for Multiway Conferences
Setting Up a Faces Database

2. InPerson and Network Resources
Managing InPerson's Use of Network Bandwidth
Changing the Network Congestion Algorithm
Lessening the Network Load
Adjusting the Network TTL Setting
Managing Network Bandwidth Use Via the Application Defaults File

3. Troubleshooting
Summary of Troubleshooting Topics
Having Trouble Calling People
Problems With Video Quality
Reducing Echoes
When Someone Is Running an Earlier Version of InPerson
Understanding Why You Don't See or Hear Other Participants
Problems Unique to 8-bit Systems

A. Using InPerson Across an ISDN Line
Setting Up Your ISDN Connection for InPerson
Placing an InPerson Call Over ISDN
Recommended Settings for ISDN Conferences