Impressario™ User's Guide

Document Number: 007-1632-030

Front Matter

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Table of Contents

1. Getting Started with Impressario
Supported Printers and Scanners
Setting Up an Impressario Printer
Setting Up an Impressario Scanner

2. Printing with Impressario
Understanding the Different Printer Icons
Printing Files with Customized Printer Settings

3. Scanning with Impressario
Overview of the Scanning Tool
About the Menus
The Scanning Process
Choosing the Image Source
Choosing the Scanning Destination
Prescanning the Entire Image
Cropping the Prescanned Image
Prescanning the Cropped Image
Setting the Scanning Resolution
Choosing Color, Grey Scale, or Black and White
Scanning the Final Image
Stopping a Scan Before it is Complete
Saving Scanning Settings

4. Viewing Files with vstiff
Overview of vstiff
Opening a File
Setting PostScript Options

5. Impressario Fonts
Fonts Included in Impressario
Installing Additional Fonts

6. Impressario Administration
Setting Default Printer Options for the System
Client/Server Printing
Printer Settings
Client/Server Scanning
Viewing a Document Online
Checking Impressario Software Installation