Chapter 1. Introduction

The ImageVision™ tools are a suite of applications that let you enhance images and then arrange them to print or use in other Silicon Graphics, Inc. applications.

Here are some of the ways you can use the ImageVision tools with other Silicon Graphics, Inc. applications:

This book contains the following chapters:

Chapter 2, “Image Works,” describes how to manipulate images — blur, sharpen, stretch, scale, and flip images — and save them to a file.

Chapter 3, “Image Copy and Image Info,” describes the command line utilities that let you copy or get information about an image.

Chapter 4, “ImgView,” describes how to rearrange images to make your own image composites.

The ImageVision tools icons are located on the MediaTools page of the Icon Catalog. Choose “Icon Catalog” from the Find toolchest then choose “MediaTools”.


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