IRIS Explorer User's Guide

Document Number: 007-1371-030

Front Matter

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Table of Contents

The Explorer System
How to Use This Guide
Contents of This Guide
Conventions Used in This Guide

1. Getting Started
Launching a Map
Image Processing
Numerical Mathematics
Molecular Chemistry
Atmospheric Physics
Computational Fluid Dynamics

2. Working with the Map Editor
The Map Editor
The Module Librarian
Firing Modules
Wiring Module Ports Together
Logging Module Output
Understanding Explorer Data Types
Setting Module Parameters
Organizing the Module Librarian
Common Problems

3. Using Modules
Creating Colormaps
Generating a Lattice
Slicing Volumetric Data
Generating a Histogram
Displaying Images
Visualizing Data
Constructing Loops
The IL Controller Module

4. Editing Control Panels and Functions
Using the Control Panel Editor
Creating Menu Items
Menus in Group Control Panels
Using the Parameter Function Editor

5. Creating Groups and Applications
Module Groups
Editing a Group
Creating a Group Control Panel
Defining an Application

6. Scripting
Using the Skm Commands
Creating More Complex Scripts
Output from Skm

7. Using the DataScribe
The DataScribe
Creating Scripts and Templates
The Data Type Palette
Designing Templates for Your Data
Reading in Data
Data Structures
Using a Pattern Glyph
Defining Parameters and Constants
Connecting Templates
Selecting Array Components
Converting Formatted ASCII Files
Saving Scripts and Modules
Using a DataScribe Module with the Map Editor
Finding and Correcting Errors

A. Configuring Your Explorer Environment
The .explorerrc Configuration File
Explorer Environment Variables
Remote Execution and Passwords
Running the X Server (IRIX Only)
Creating a Larger Kernel (IRIX Only)

B. The Skm Language
Skm Syntax
Skm Language Features
Procedures in Skm
Module Interface to Scripting

in Appendix A for details.