CASEVision™/ClearCase Tutorial

Document Number: 007-1614-020

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Table of Contents

Preparing to Use CASEVision/ClearCase
Verify ClearCase Installation
Modify Your Shell Startup Script
Verify Connections with ClearCase Server Hosts
Start Using ClearCase
Set Up for Integration Products

1. CASEVision/ClearCase Tutorial: Developing a `Hello World' Program
Setting the Stage: The `hello' Project

2. Working on a New Release
Get your bearings
Is anyone else working on this program?
Verify that a file cannot be changed until it is checked out
Checkout a source file
Revise the checked-out source file
Rebuild the program
Test the program
Get some help on the `list checkouts' command
What source files are checked out?
Checkin the revised source file(s)
Verify the changes resulting from the checkin

3. Exploring Derived Objects
Get your bearings
List the derived objects you just built
Examine the config rec of the program just built
Verify the contents of the config rec
Investigate the wink-in of `hello.o'
Explore the `private' nature of derived objects
Get ready to fix that bug!

4. Exploring View Configurations
Get your bearings
List the elements in the source directory
Turn back the clock to Release 2
List the source directory again
Verify that this view selects different versions of files
Switch to Release 1
Verify the switch
Explore the history of the source directory
Return to the present
Exit the historical view

5. Fixing a Bug in an Old Release
Get your bearings
Create a new view for your bugfix work
Set the bugfix view
Reconfigure the bugfix view to “turn back the clock”
There are no derived objects in this new view!
Try to make a branch — oops!
Create the branch type for bugfix work
Make a branch in element `util.c'
Fix the bug
Rebuild the program
Run the program to test the fix
Examine the build history of `hello'
Compare the configurations of two builds
Checkin the fixed source file
Which version does your view select now?
Show the updated version tree of the modified source file
Exit the bugfix view

6. Performing a Merge
Get your bearings
Plan the completion of development for a new release
Return to the `tut' view
Determine which source files need to be merged
Checkout file `util.c'
Edit the checked-out file
Merge in the changes made on the `rel2_bugfix' branch
Examine the merge hyperlink
What did the merge change?
Rebuild the program
Test the change
Test the change for the superuser case
Checkin the revised file

7. Defining a Release
Get your bearings
Label the release (part1): create a version label type
Label the release (part 2): attach version labels to sources
Re-label the release sources (just to make a point)
Install the `hello' executable in the `bin' directory
Label the release (part 3): attach labels in the `bin' directory

8. Revising a Directory Structure
Get your bearings
Compare versions of a directory
Prepare to do some new development
Checkout the source directory
Create a new file element
Checkin the source directory
Compare the new directory to its predecessor
Modify the new source file
Modify the old source files
Rebuild the program
Test the program
What files need to be checked in?
Checkin the sources

9. Summing Up / Cleaning Up
Get your bearings
Verify that all binaries are accessible in the `bin' directory
Exit the view
Unmount the VOB
Delete all the views you've created
Remove the VOB storage area
Remove the directory that contained all the storage areas
Say good-bye!