Appendix A. Software Messages and Error Recovery

This appendix lists the messages produced by the VME/ISA Sync board and suggests user responses. The messages are organized into sections according to message type.

VME/ISA Sync Board Utility Error Messages

Following are error messages produced by the VME/ISA Sync board software utilities.

xcf Error Messages

ABORT: illegal adapter number <boardnum>.
ABORT: illegal channel ID <channel>
WARNING: input file foo not found - using defaults
WARNING: Bits foo and bar both set - ignored
WARNING: invalid keyword = FOO
FOO: value out of range, must be between [x, y].

Generally, out of range values and illegal combinations cause the utility to set the parameter to the default value and a warning message to be printed to stderr.

vcom_stat Status Messages

Original kernel initialization
Board is downloaded and configured

VME/ISA Sync Board Driver Messages

This section lists the error messages that are produced by the VME/ISA Sync board software drivers. In these messages, “%d” is a decimal number and “%x” or “0x%x” is a hexadecimal number.

Following are messages that may be corrected by re-executing the start- up procedure. If that does not clear the error condition, report the message to SGI Customer Support.

VSC #%d, unconfigured but downloaded board
VSC: board #%d is not on line
VSC: attempt to open board #%d before downloading
VSC: do not use the cloneopen mechanism

Following are status messages that require no action.

PNB_ALLOC ( free=0x%x, amount=%d)
PNB_ALLOCB ( free=0x%x, bufsize=%d, pri=0x%x)
PNB_BCREL (free=0x%x)
PNB_BUFCALL ( free=0x%x bufsize=%d pri=0x%x func=0x%x arg=0x%x)
PNB_FREE ( free=0x%x mp=0x%x)
PNB_FREEB ( free=0x%x mp=0x%x)
PNB_FREEMSG ( free=0x%x, mp=0x%x)
PNB_INIT: vc_bcarray at 0x%x, bcfree at 0x%x
vc_open: q 0x%x devp 0x%x dev 0x%x flags 0x%x sflags 0x%x
vc: open emajor=%d, imajor=%d
vc: opened proto=DLD_PROTO, brd=%d.
vc: successful open, proto=%s_PROTO, brd=%d, sm=%d, *devp=0x%x.
vc: closed proto=DLD_PROTO, brd=%d.
vc: closed: brdno=%d, sm=%d, q=0x%x
vc: re-opened stream, %s_PROTO, brd=%d, sm=%d
vc: clone device=0x%x opening, q=0x%x:
vc_sendclose: allocate failed
vc_putdown: mbcopytosrv failed on 0x%x bytes
vc_promsg: M_ERROR rptr 0x%x
vc_close: q 0x%x flags 0x%x

Following are messages which should be reported to SGI Customer Support.

VSC #%d aborted, illegal board size = 0x%x
VSC #%d missing, mbx failure
VSC #%d missing, MGO failure
VSC #%d missing, mem window failure
VSC #%d aborted, not processing slave SHM queues
VSC #%d aborted, not processing host SHM queues
VCOM ABORT - kernel unable to allocate any message buffers
M_IOCTL: cmd 0x%x bp 0x%x mlen %d
vc_do_sysmap( brdno=%d ) failed,
setup_shmqs( brdno=%d ) failed,
chk_presence( brdno=%d ) failed,
get_vector() = 0 failed,
vme_ivec_set(vec=0x%x)=-1 failed,
vme_ivec_alloc()=-1 failed, brdno=%d,
pio_mapalloc() = 0 failed,
pio_badaddr() != 0 failed,
pio_mapalloc() = 0 failed,
pio_badaddr() != 0 failed,
setup_shmqs( brd=%d ) = 0x%x failing ***
map_short_pio( brd=%d ) = 0x%x failing ***
map_ram_pio( brd=%d ) = 0x%x failing ***
get_vector( brd=%d ) = 0x%x failing ***
board %d power-up tests timed out. ***
aborted, failed power-up tests, sts=0x%x ***
do_sysmap( brdno=%d ) = 0x%x failing ***
#%d aborted, not responding to sysmap ***
vc_edtinit( brdno=%d ) failing, retval = %d ***