SX.25 Administrator's Guide

Document Number: 007-2179-003

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Table of Contents

About This Guide
What This Guide Contains
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1. Understanding the SX.25 Application
X.25 Network Fundamentals
How Packet-Switched Networks Work
SX.25 Software Components
About gx25adm Menus

2. Planning for SX.25
Port Naming Conventions
Evaluating SX.25 Parameter Files
Collecting Information for Port Configurations

3. Getting Started With gx25adm
Starting the gx25adm Utility
Using the Primary Window
Using the File Menu
Using the Edit Menu
Using the Action Menu
Using gx25adm Help
Configuration Procedure at a Glance

4. Configuring a Host for Basic Connections
The Global Kernel Parameters Option
Procedure to Configure Global Kernel Parameters
About the Ports List
Port Selection Procedure
Using Port Configuration Windows
WAN Port Configuration Procedure
LAN Port Configuration Procedure
Procedure to Rebuild the IRIX Kernel

5. Configuring X.25 Options
The IP/IXE Option
The PVC Map Option
Run Time Parameters Option
The IXE Map Option
The PAD Map Option
The PADD Listen Strings Option
The Subnetwork Names Option

6. UUCP Configuration
Configuring the XTY System
Files Associated with UUCP

7. Creating Customized Parameter Files
Using Parameter Files as Templates
Creating an X.25 Parameter File
Creating a LAPB Parameter File
Creating an LLC2 Parameter File

8. Troubleshooting
STREAMS Trace Messages
STREAMS Error Messages
Network Board-Loading (nbload) Error Messages
Network Daemon (snetd) Error Messages

A. Address Formats
X.121 Addresses
Internet Addresses