RAID System Administration Guide

Document Number: 007-2113-002

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1. Introduction to RAID
RAID Levels
RAID Stripe Depth
RAID Configuration Options
RAID Failure Prediction
RAID Failure Recovery

2. Formatting a RAID

3. Routine Maintenance Tasks
Making Tape Backups
Monitoring /var/adm/SYSLOG
Getting Configuration and Status Information
Checking the Integrity of Parity
Checking for Failed Disk Drives
Downloading New Firmware

4. Recovering after a Disk Warning or Failure
Replacing a Disk Drive
Restoring Data from Tape after Two Failures
Restarting a Hung RAID
Resetting a RAID to Factory Defaults

5. Error Messages
raid Error and Warning Messages
Messages from the RAID Device Driver
LED Error Conditions

A. Programming Hints