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Table 2-1. Main I/O Panel Connector Descriptions
Table 2-2. Cardcage 2 and 3 I/O Panel Connector Descriptions
Table 2-3. Parallel Port Connector Pin Assignments
Table 2-4. Optional Visualization Console Video Connector Description
Table 3-1. 25-Pin Terminal Connector Pin Assignments
Table 3-2. System Controller Boot Status Messages
Table 4-1. 68-Pin Single-Ended, High-Density SCSI Pinouts
Table 4-2. 68-Pin Differential, High-Density SCSI Pinouts
Table 4-3. Typical Null Modem Connector Pin Assignments
Table 4-4. Parallel Printer Connector Pin Assignments
Table 4-5. 25-Pin RS-232 Modem Connector Pin Assignments
Table 4-6. Server System IO4 Board Connector Labelling
Table 5-1. Boot Status Menu Messages
Table 6-1. ANSI/HFS 100 Guidelines for VDT Workplace Adjustment (1988)
Table 6-2. Adjustments Preferred by CAD Users
Table A-1. Challenge Rackmount Server Specifications
Table B-1. 4 mm DAT Front Panel LEDs
Table B-2. 8 mm Tape Drive Front Panel LEDs
Table C-1. Power-On Errors and Fault Identification
Table C-2. System Error Messages
Table C-3. System Event Messages
Table C-4. Internal System Controller Error Messages
Table D-1. Optional Mezzanine Board Descriptions
Table E-1. VME Slot Availability in Card Cage 2
Table E-2. P1 VME Pin Assignments
Table E-3. P2 VME Pin Assignments
Table E-4. P3 VME Pin Assignments
Table E-5. Signal Definitions