Performance Co-Pilot User's and Administrator's Guide

Document Number: 007-2614-003

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Table of Contents

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1. Introduction to Performance Co-Pilot
Objectives of Performance Co-Pilot
Overview of Component Software
Conceptual Foundations

2. Installing and Configuring Performance Co-Pilot
Product Structure
Optional Software
License Constraints
Performance Metrics Collector Daemon (PMCD)
Managing Optional PMDAs

3. Common Conventions and Arguments
PerfTools Icon Catalog
Alternate Metric Source Options
General PCP Tool Options
Time Duration and Control
PCP Environment Variables
Running PCP Tools Through a Firewall
Transient Problems With Performance Metric Values

4. Monitoring System Performance
The pmchart Tool
The pmgadgets Command
The pmkstat Command
The pmdumptext Command
The pmval Command
The pmem Command
The pminfo Command
Changing Metric Values With pmstore

5. System Performance Visualization Tools
Overview of Visualization Tools
The dkvis Disk Visualization Tool
The mpvis Processor Visualization Tool
The osvis System Visualization Tool
The nfsvis NFS Activity Visualization Tool
The oview Origin Visualization Tool
The pmview Tool

6. Performance Metrics Inference Engine
Introduction to pmie
Basic pmie Usage
Specification Language for pmie
Some Real pmie Examples
Developing and Debugging pmie Rules
Caveats and Notes on pmie
Creating pmie Rules With pmrules

7. Archive Logging
Introduction to Archive Logging
Using Archive Logs and Performance Visualization Tools
Cookbook for Archive Logging
Archive Logging Troubleshooting

8. Performance Co-Pilot Deployment Strategies
Basic Deployment
PCP Collector Deployment
PCP Archive Logger Deployment
PCP Inference Engine Deployment

9. Customizing and Extending PCP Services
PMDA Customization
PCP Tool Customization
PMNS Management
PMDA Development
PCP Tool Development

A. Acronyms