ONC3/NFSAdministrator's Guide

Document Number: 007-0850-070

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1. Understanding ONC3/NFS
What Is NFS?
NFS and Diskless Workstations
The Cache File System
NFS and the Network Information Service
Client-Server Fundamentals
Automatic Mounting
Stateless Protocol
Input/Output Management
NFS File Locking Service

2. Planning ONC3/NFS Service
The Export Process
The /etc/fstab Mount Process
The Automounter
The CacheFS File System

3. Using Automount Map Options
Including Group Mounts in Maps
Using Hierarchical Formats in Group Mounts
Specifying Alternative Servers
Using Metacharacters
Using Environment Variables
Including Supplementary Maps

4. Setting Up and Testing ONC3/NFS
Setting Up the NFS Server
Setting Up an NFS Client
Setting Up the Automounter
Setting Up the Lock Manager
Setting Up the CacheFS File System
Mounting a Cached File System
Checking a Cached File System

5. Maintaining ONC3/NFS
Changing the Number of NFS Server Daemons
Temporary NFS Mounting
Modifying the Automounter Maps
Mount Point Conflicts
Modifying CacheFS File System Parameters
Deleting a CacheFS File System

6. Troubleshooting ONC3/NFS
General Recommendations
Understanding the Mount Process
Identifying the Point of Failure
Troubleshooting NFS Common Failures
Understanding the Automount Process
Troubleshooting CacheFS

A. ONC3/NFS Error Messages
mount Error Messages
Verbose automount Error Messages
General automount Error Messages
General CacheFS Errors