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Table 2-1. Subsystems for NetWorker Servers
Table 2-2. Licensed NetWorker Products
Table 2-3. Subsystems for NetWorker Clients
Table 5-1. Choosing a Jukebox
Table 7-1. Changing Volume Mode
Table 7-2. Preconfigured Label Templates
Table 7-3. Label and Pool Names
Table 9-1. Acct Incr and Acct Full+Clone Schedules
Table 12-1. Tape Drives and Data Transfer Rates
Table 12-2. Client Data Transfer Rates
Table 12-3. Data Transfer Rates for Networks
Table 12-4. Jukebox Data Transfer Rates and Capacities
Table 12-5. Percent of Data Backed Up for Each Type of Backup
Table 12-6. Example of the Percent of Data Backed Up
Table C-1. Reference Pages for NetWorker at Rest
Table C-2. Reference Pages for Browsing and Modifying Resources
Table C-3. Reference Pages for Backing Up Files
Table C-4. Reference Pages for Backing Up the Whole System
Table C-5. Reference Pages for Automatic Nightly Backups
Table C-6. Reference Pages for Media Management
Table C-7. Reference Pages for Index Management
Table C-8. Reference Pages for Disaster Recovery
Table D-1. Commonly Used NetWorker Commands
Table D-2. NetWorker Maintenance Commands
Table D-3. Reference Pages for NetWorker Client Commands
Table D-4. Other NetWorker Client Reference Pages
Table D-5. Reference Pages for NetWorker Server Commands