IRIX™ NetWorkerŽ Administrator's Guide

Document Number: 007-1458-030

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction to NetWorker
Versions and Compatibility
NetWorker Basics
The NetWorker Client/Server Model
Backing Up Clients
Recovering Lost Files
Backup Devices and Media

2. Installing NetWorker
Installing and Enabling NetWorker Software on Servers
Installing NetWorker Software on Clients
Removing NetWorker

3. Using NetWorker Windows and Menus
Starting the NetWorker Programs
Using NetWorker Menus
Printing Window Contents
Saving Window Contents
Using NetWorker Generic Buttons

4. NetWorker Test Drive
Changing the NetWorker Server
Labeling and Mounting the Backup Volumes
Trying a Backup and Recover
Viewing the Backup Schedule
Using an Autochanger
Using Concurrent Devices
Displaying NetWorker Licenses
The Next Step

5. NetWorker Configuration and Policy Issues
Determining Backup Schedules
Determining Browse and Retention Policies (Index Policies)
Determining Autochanger Policies

6. Configuring a NetWorker Server
Using NetWorker Preconfigured Settings
Configuring Backup Groups
Setting Up the Backup Schedules
Creating Browse and Retention Policies
Using Directives
Configuring a Server's Clients
Fine-Tuning Server Settings

7. Configuring and Managing Volumes and Backup Devices
Labeling Backup Volumes
Mounting and Unmounting Backup Volumes
Automatically Managing Backup Volumes
Manually Managing Backup Volumes
Cloning Backup Volumes
Using Label Templates
Using Volume Pools
Adding and Deleting Backup Devices

8. NetWorker Operations
Checking the NetWorker Server Status
Monitoring and Controlling Backups
Monitoring Backup Devices
Monitoring and Managing Index Disk Space Usage
Checking NetWorker Notices
Recovering Files Removed From the Index

9. Recovering and Cloning Save Sets
Recovering Save Sets
Cloning Save Sets

10. Configuring and Scheduling Archive Requests
Backup, Archiving, and Hierarchical Storage Management
Features of the NetWorker Archive Product
Configuring NetWorker for Archiving
Scheduling and Monitoring Archive Requests
Archive Example

11. Using NetWorker with Jukeboxes
Testing the Jukebox Connection
Configuring a Jukebox
Labeling Volumes and Using Optional Bar Codes
Mounting Jukebox Backup Volumes Manually
Performing Routine Jukebox Operations

12. NetWorker Performance
Guidelines for Choosing a Configuration
Measuring Server Performance
Measuring Client Performance

A. Troubleshooting
Maximum Filename Length
Checking the NetWorker Daemons
/nsr Not Configured
Solving Licensing Problems
Renaming a Client
Using Recover Access
Using Savegroup Completion Messages
Using Savegroup Completion Warning Messages
Errors in Executing External ASMs
Solving X Error Messages
Moving Indexes
Recovering Files From an Interrupted Backup
Determining the NetWorker Server
Using nsrexecd

B. Recovering From a Disk Crash
Preparing for a Crash
Using Recover or Save Set Recover
Recovering a Secondary Disk
Recovering a Primary Disk on a Client
Recovering /nsr on a NetWorker Server
Recovering to a New Server
Disaster Recovery With Jukeboxes

C. Theory of Operations
NetWorker Media Format
The NetWorker System at Rest
Browsing and Modifying Resources
Backing Up Files
Recovering Files
Backing Up the Entire System
Automatic Network-Wide Backups
Event Processing
Media Management
Index Management
Disaster Recovery
NetWorker Security

D. Command Summary
NetWorker Reference Pages