NetVisualyzer™ User's Guide

Document Number: 007-0812-040

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Table of Contents

How to Use This Guide
Hardware and Software Requirements
Documentation Conventions
User Interface Terminology
Common User Interface Operations
Product Support

1. Getting Started with NetVisualyzer
What Is NetVisualyzer?
NetVisualyzer Display Stations and Data Stations
SNMP Agents
Event Logging
Setting Up NetVisualyzer
Using the netvis Directory View
NetVisualyzer Gifts and Resources

2. NetFilters
Starting NetFilters
NetFilters Main Window
NetFilters Edit Menu
Using Variables in Filters
NetFilters File Menu
Using NetFilters to Specify Filters for Other NetVisualyzer Tools
NetFilters Example

3. NetLook
Starting NetLook
NetLook Main Window
NetLook Control Panels
NetLook Actions
NetLook File Menu
NetLook Examples

4. NetGraph
Starting NetGraph
NetGraph Main Window
NetGraph Control Panels
NetGraph Actions
NetGraph File Menu
Playing Back a NetGraph History File
NetGraph Examples

5. Analyzer
Starting Analyzer
Analyzer Capture Control Panel
Analyzer Main Window
Analyzer File Menu
Configuring Analyzer for Best Performance
Analyzer Examples

6. NetTop
Starting NetTop
NetTop Main Window
NetTop Traffic Control Panel
NetTop Nodes Control Panel
NetTop File Menu
NetTop Examples

7. NetCollect, NetPack, and NetAccount
Using NetCollect to Collect Data
Using NetPack to Pack Data
Using NetAccount to Produce an Accounting of Traffic Data
NetCollect, NetPack, and NetAccount Examples

8. NetSnoop
Starting and Stopping NetSnoop
Specifying an Interface to NetSnoop
Interpreting NetSnoop Output
Getting Statistics on Dropped Packets from NetSnoop
Configuring NetSnoop for Best Performance
NetSnoop Examples

9. Browser
Starting Browser
Browser Main Window
Browser Subtree and Table Windows
Navigating the SNMP Containment Tree
Getting Descriptions of Variables
Getting, Setting, and Saving Variable Values
Browser File Menu
Browser Example

10. Creating and Using Filters
What Is a Filter?
Filter Syntax
Finding Protocol-specific Operands
Using Filters in NetVisualyzer Tools
Example Filters

11. Using NetVisualyzer in a DECnet Environment
Setting Up Stations in a DECnet Environment
Resolving DECnet Addresses and Names
Dividing a DECnet Network
Suppressing the DECnet HELLO Message

A. Error Messages
Messages Common to Analyzer, NetGraph, NetLook, and NetTop
Analyzer Messages
Browser Messages
NetAccount Messages
NetCollect Messages
NetFilters Messages
NetGraph Messages
NetLook Messages
NetPack Messages
NetSnoop Messages
NetTop Messages

B. Authorization Reference
Tool Authorization Summary

C. Protocols
Supported Protocols
Protocol Layers
Protocol References

D. Configuration File Formats
Analyzer Configuration File
NetGraph User Interface Configuration File
NetLook User Interface Configuration File
NetLook Network Data File
NetSnoop Configuration File
NetTop Configuration File

E. Introduction to MIBs
SNMP Management Reference
The Silicon Graphics SNMP Agent
Adding a MIB Specification

F. NetVisualyzer Manual Pages