Network License System Administration Guide

Document Number: 007-2115-002

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1. NetLS Concepts
What Is a License?
License Types
License Durations
System Roles for Concurrent Licensing
License Groups for Concurrent Licensing
Network License System Operation
Guidelines for Global Location Brokers and Network License Servers
Required Software, Configuration Flags, and Daemons

2. The Licensing Process
Flowchart of the Licensing Process
Completing the Software License Registration Card
Missing Software License Registration Card
Contacting Silicon Graphics License Administration

3. Installing Node-locked Licenses
Graphical Installation of a Node-locked License
Non-graphical Installation of a Node-locked License

4. Setting Up Global Location Brokers and Network License Servers
Creating a License Group
Setting Up a Network License Server and Global Location Broker with –sgiauto
Setting Up a Global Location Broker Manually
Setting Up a Network License Server Manually

5. Installing Concurrent Licenses
Graphical Concurrent License Installation
Non-graphical Concurrent License Installation

6. License Administration Tasks
Verifying That a License Was Installed Properly
Deleting a Node-locked License
Deleting a Concurrent License
Creating a User File
Monitoring License Usage
Generating Reports on License Activity
Identifying Licenses in a Nodelock File
Installing Replacement Licenses

7. Global Location Broker and Network License Server Administration Tasks
Backing Up Databases
Routine Maintenance of Global Location Brokers
Verifying That llbd Is Running
Checking Global Location Brokers
Checking Network License Servers
Stopping Daemons
Restarting Daemons
Creating a New License Group
Adding a System to a License Group
Reducing the Size of Network License Server Logs
Cleaning GLB Databases
Using glb_site.txt Files
Deleting a Network License Server
Deleting a Global Location Broker
Adjusting to Network Reconfigurations

8. Error Messages
License or Server Not Found
Unable to Locate Any Network License Servers
License Will Expire in n Days
Communications Failure
Unable to Register with Locating Broker
Unable to Obtain Any Sockets
No Entries Match
Cannot Create Replica

9. Troubleshooting
Basic Troubleshooting Procedure for Concurrent Licenses
glbd Won't Run
netlsd Won't Run
Problems While Installing a Concurrent License
Global Location Brokers That Don't Know About Each Other
Getting a License Is Very Slow
Propagation Queues Overflow

A. NetLS Files