4DLT Administrator's Guide

Document Number: 007-1396-020

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Table of Contents

Purpose of This Guide
Organization of This Guide
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1. Notes to New 4DLT Administrators
LAT Networks and 4DLT
LAT Network Fundamentals
LAT Service Management
LAT Network Architecture
The LAT Protocol Stack

2. 4DLT Software Fundamentals
The LAT Driver—/dev/lats
The LAT Daemon—latd
The User Interface Utility—slat
The 4DLT Configuration Utility—lati
The 4DLT Maintenance Utility—slcp
How the LAT Database Works
Summary of LAT Database Events
The Services File and Setup Utility
How Printing Works

3. 4DLT Setup Procedures
Preparing for 4DLT Setup
The Default 4DLT Configuration
Preparing User Environments for 4DLT
Standard 4DLT Startup Procedures
Starting 4DLT with an Alternate LAN Interface
Stopping and Restarting 4DLT

4. Performing Routine LAT Maintenance
About the slcp Utility
Monitoring LAT
Managing Overall LAT Node Functions
Maintaining the LAT Services File
Managing Group Codes
Maintaining the LAT Database
Deleting LAT Service Queue Entries

5. Reconfiguring LAT Operating Parameters
The LAT Configuration Utility Menu
Setting Ethernet Parameters
Setting LAT Node Identification Parameters
Setting LAT Configuration Limits
Setting Circuit Parameters
Setting Session Parameters
Setting Host-initiated Parameters
Setting Advertised Service Parameters
Setting Learned Service Parameters
Setting STREAMS Configuration Parameters
Summary of 4DLT Configuration Parameters