Netscape Proxy Server Administrator's Guide

Document Number: 008-2911-001

Front Matter

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
What is the Netscape Proxy Server?
What's In This Book?
System Requirements
Some Conventions Used in This Guide

2. Installing the Netscape Proxy Server
Before You Begin Installing
Root or User Installation
What the Installation Does
Restart the Server Automatically
Starting and Stopping the Server Manually
Using the Netscape Proxy Manager
Troubleshooting Installation

3. Configuring the Proxy Server
Using the Proxy Server Manager Configuration Forms
User Databases
Understanding Wildcard Patterns

4. Using the Resource Manager
Choosing a Resource to Configure
Configuring a Resource

5. Caching
How Caching Works
Cache Directory Structure
Using the Cache Manager
Rebuilding the Cache Directory Structure
Repairing the Cache URL Database
What is the Garbage Collector?
Using the pstats Utility

6. Security
Why Do I Need Security?
What is SSL?
What is HTTPS?

7. Proxy Configuration Files
magnus.conf File
obj.conf File
mime.types File
admpw File
sockd.conf File

A. Proxy Error Log Messages
List of Errors