IRIS InSight™ DynaWeb™ Administrator's Guide

Document Number: 007-3138-001

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1. DynaWeb Server Overview
How Does DynaWeb Work?
DynaWeb Directory Structure
Home Page
Publisher's Page
Access and Error Logs
CGI Scripts
ISMAP Images

2. Administering a DynaWeb Server
Running DynaWeb
Accessing InSight Books
Setting Up a Collection
Localizing DynaWeb
Administering HTTP Authentication

3. Configuration Parameters
Syntax of the Configuration File
Summary of Configuration Parameters
Installation Parameters
Collection Parameters
Message Logging Parameters
Publisher's Page Parameters
CGI Parameters
Maximum Bytes Parameters
Icon, Button, and Marker Parameters
SIT-Related Parameters
Authentication Configuration Parameters
Miscellaneous Configuration Parameters

4. Templates for Server Pages
Template Files

A. Troubleshooting DynaWeb
Home Page
Client User Interface